Frazer-Nash sets out key reward and benefits priorities for 2021

Frazer-Nash has a clear idea of what its three key focuses are for 2021: employee health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and personal development.

During the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the engineering and technology organisation set a precedent of where it sees it can support its employees’ wellbeing now and into 2021. Sam Geis, people director at Frazer-Nash, explains: “We’re fortunate we’ve got the right tools in place to do this. Our people work very hard and we have a fantastic set of people within the business, and focusing on health and wellbeing of our people is very much a priority.”

Another key focus heading into 2021 is Frazer-Nash’s focus on diversity and inclusion. Continuing into 2021, it has agreed an initial change programme, which will be continuously reviewed through diversity and inclusion-focused employee pulse surveys. It prides itself on building a culture that values meritocracy openness, fairness and transparency.

To align with this, the organisation has introduced pay transparency, which included the introduction of salary bands in January 2020 for the technical area of the business. This new approach to salaries will be rolled out across the wider business in 2021. “It allows much more open discussions for employees and managers,” says Geis. “Having that transparency is important and it will continue to form part of our strategy as we head into next year.” 

The organisation’s third key focus is the future development of its employees. “We’ve always had a focus on developing our people and investing in people; professional development and building on skills,” explains Geis.

Even with the pandemic, this has not stopped being a top priority. Frazer-Nash has partnered with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to transition to a digital form of learning. “The development opportunity is there but just in a different format. When we can get back to a place where are people are face-to-face, then we could do that but we will also continue supporting people that are able to do professional qualifications online.”

No matter what 2021 has in store, Frazer-Nash’s reward strategy will centre around the wellbeing and the development of its employees, who are at the heart of its business.